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Golf resort Kuneticka Hora, Pardubice

Founded 2007

533 05 Dříteč
okres Pardubice

Phone: +420 464 622 211
Fax: +420 464 622 214
Email: [email protected]

In between cities Pardubice and Hradec Kralove rose up one of the most luxusy resort in Czech Republic. Course is located between natural basalt volcanic rock with castle and Opatovicka power station. These two dominant features are the best landmarks for the first trip to course. Even more, there is very good and fast connection from highway E42, which lead from Prague close to both cities.

The first impresion is only the beginning of many further pleasant surprises. You are welcomed by big club house built in hillside, where you can find reception, pro shop, and in second floor is placed great restaurant for 120 guests with outside sheltered terrase. Main building offers also hotel rooms, app. for 62 guests. Whole object is built up simple, usefull, without any redundant ornaments, what makes very domestic impresion to visitors.

Golf Resort Kuneticka Hora offers driving range, chipping, putting greens, training bunkers, including 4 indoor golf simulators and golf training centre. To the future, also tennis courts with artificial lights, minigolf and Natur Centre will be build up, where you can enjoy roman spa, massage and pearl baths, herbal and eucalyptol inhalations or salt cove. You can borrow also golf cards with GPS navigation for play.

There is a nice view of field, widely spreaded to the flatland of the Czech Gold Lane, from club terrace. The main interesting point is large lake surrounded by hole tracks, besides it two smaller lakes can be seen there. Thanks to full-grown trees, which variously line the whole course there is not seen too far away, but small forests inside the course make the views very attractive. Furthermore, the majestic castle on Kuneticka Hora is rising up over the course.

The course itself seems to be demanding, but everybody will like it, no matter the level of handicap. Set of holes is classic, four 3par holes, ten 4par and four 5par holes, in total 72par.

Fairways are wide enough and wavy, although rough around them is thick and ball can be easy lost. To the next pleasant feature belong many bunkers of various size, shapes and depths, in total 99, which significantly influence the game and force players to good strategy. What is not usual, mainly for czech players, there is absence of distance pegs alongside the hole tracks, the only guide are darts put into centre of fairways.

Greens are first-quality, large and slightly wavy, so, before every putt, you have to preciously estimate the track of attack to hole.

The designer of this golf course is Autralian Graham Marsch, who was for his services and contribution to golf honoured with the Order of the British Empire by Ladyship Queen Elizabeth II., in 1984.

The golf course below the Kuneticka Hora is one of the prime quality, the best one in Czech Republic, and a big challenge and temptation for every golf player, only few of them can resist this beatifull course.

The course is domestic to Golf Club Kuneticka Hora.