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Golf course Liberec

Established 2000

Heřmánková 520
460 01 Liberec-Machnín

Phone: +420 482 772 711
Email: [email protected]

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On the edge of the town in the Děčín direction a suburban golf course has been created which can save your time and, as the local members of the Liberec GC confirm, they go there even for lunch during the working week. This is the golfers’ passion, even when they are wearing suits with ties, but they just want to spend a moment in the golf course.

The course has been growing subsequently, first there was only a driving range, then the owners changed and the creation was started. First nine holes, which are divided by a railway, have been created subsequently and they are charming. You must go through a tunnel through which a stream flows and over which the trains go. While you cannot find any trees, except the newly-planted ones, in the meadow where there are a few holes surrounding the training meadow, there are a few nooks with full-grown trees behind the railway leading around the stream. Another interesting thing is one common green for three holes – Nr. 3, 4 and 5 – which reminds old beginning of golf in the Czech Republic when you played to one green from many tees situated around green. Nice and quite demanding are holes Nr. 7 and 8 which have its hole situated on a bank of the stream. The course will have new holes this year, so golfers from Liberec and other golfers can look forward to a complete eighteen-hole golf course.

Also a log clubhouse with a terrace is attractive from which there is a view of a driving range and other training areas. Moreover, even children are not neglected here – there is a children’s corner for them. You can practise even when the weather is bad, the indoor tees will protect you from rain. If you are busy and want to try at least a few golf hits or a few holes, do not hesitate if you are in Liberec, this is a unique opportunity.

Opening hours:

Monday: 8-20
Tuesday: 8-20
Wednesday: 8-20
Thursday: 8-20
Friday: 8-20
Saturday: 8-20
Sunday: 8-20