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Golf resort Nová Amerika

Founded 2002

Zaloňov 45
551 Jaroměř

Phone: +420 499 694 320
Fax: +420 499 694 109
Email: [email protected]

The place where the resort is situated now has a long history. Its name has been America ever since but due to some family reasons of the first owner the name has been changed to “New America”. Then horses were bred there and in 1993 the current owners bought this estate. They have built a unique outpost at their expenses and efforts where, besides others, mainly golf has been successful since 2002. Three years later an academy with eighteen holes was opened. There is also, besides others, a hotel and a restaurant.

So-called “American” way was used for creation of this part of the resort. The terrain is undulating again. The course requires a good strategy. The longest hole is Nr. 6 which is 551 metres long from yellow tees and 516 metres from the red ones. The whole course is a bit shorter than the Bohemian Garden; it is 2,890 metres for men and 2,533 metres for women. Absolutely unforgettable holes are Nr. 2, 3, 6 and 7. On the second hole there is a larger water hazard waiting for long hits. Nr. 3 is only tee – water hazard – green. On the sixth hole you can play the last hit directed to green only over a water hazard due to the situation of the path and the water hazard, no matter if it is long or short. And Nr. 7, as the longest hole, leads up to a protracted slope.

Nevertheless, in New America you can play eighteen holes in different halves of the course. This is a home-course of the New America CC members.