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Olomouc region

Central Moravia is a region of rich folklore traditions.

This fertile region extends mainly along the Morava River. Since the 16th century, the region has carried the name Haná. It is famous for its sunny climate (and friendly populace), rich folk costumes, its traditional pungent (some might say smelly) cheese, and a vast number of Baroque cathedrals, churches, monasteries, and pilgrimage sites.

Characteristics of the region
Central Moravia is a region of rich folklore traditions. Oderské vrchy (Oderské Hills) and Hostýnské vrchy (Hostýnské Hills) gradually rise in the east, the Chřiby Hills open the Slovácko ? Moravian gate in the south and the Drahanská vrchovina (Drahanská Highland) creates the relief in the west. The region offers a large choice of architectural jewels (ancient castles, splendid chateaux and, of course, the UNESCO monuments ? the Kroměříž Chateau and its gardens, the town of Olomouc, pictured here; click for larger view), several spa towns, as well as natural sights. Some of the latter are located underground, such as Javoříčské, Mladečské and Zbrašovské caves, or the deepest abyss in the Czech Republic ? Hranická propast (Hranická Abyss).

The whole Central Moravian region is interwoven with marked hiking trails and is ideal for cycling. Some of the bike routes, e.g. the Moravská stezka (Moravian route) and the Jantarová stezka (Amber route) are part of the “Euro-Velo” project.

Transport accessibility
Highways: Praha – Brno – Vyškov. High-speed roads: Vyškov – Olomouc – Mohelnice, Olomouc – Nový Jičín – (Ostrava) Frýdek Místek. Main roads: Hodonín – Uherské Hradiště – Přerov. High-speed railway corridors: Praha – Přerov – Ostrava (Katovice), Přerov – Břeclav (Vienna). International railways: Hranice na Moravě – Vsetín (Slovakia) and dense network of regional railways.