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Golf course Štiřín – Kamenice

Established 1992

Štiřín 711
251 68 Kamenice

Phone: +420 255 736 551
Email: [email protected]

holes length

The course belongs among the shorter ones and can be described as easier, although some holes are mainly mentally demanding with respect to necessary accuracy of hits. Golfers must play their handicaps, it is more difficult for women because it disadvantages them. There are many bio zones where access is forbidden even for stray balls.

The club part is situated in a building which is absolutely unique in terms of architecture and untypical especially for Czech. It evokes an impression, due to its exterior and interior, that it was built by Catalan Antoni Gaudí, an ingenious architect of some buildings in Barcelona.

The total par of the nine-hole course is 64, it was opened in 1992. Some holes cross each other due to lack of space. There are a few water hazards affecting play in the form of streams, paths are gently sloping in many parts, so golfers must take turning balls into account. Moreover, tree branches, which unobtrusively hide green in front of the last hit, are also treacherous. The most difficult hole is the last Nr. 9 which is 399, or more precisely 344 metres long and it has a standard of five hits as the only one here and you have to get ball from teeing ground over a water hazard to fairway and then to green near the chateau. Hole Nr. 8 is also tricky, its green is placed on a pond peninsula.

The whole area is a quiet oasis and everybody can find a place here which calms down with its scenery.

This is a domicile of the Ringhoffer Golf Club which is, via its name, connected with one of the first golf propagators and an excellent golfer in the Czech countries from the pre-war time.

Opening hours:

Monday: ano
Tuesday: ano
Wednesday: ano
Thursday: ano
Friday: ano
Saturday: ano
Sunday: ano