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Golf resort Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně

Founded 1905

Závišín 582
353 01 Mariánské Lázně

Phone: +420 354 604 300
Mobile: +420 723 474 719
Fax: +420 354 625 195
Email: [email protected]

Yes, this course will give you a feeling of nostalgia of old times when golf was still a baby in the Czech Republic as well as in the world, gentlemen were wearing top hats and ladies were wearing big hats. Not only a clubhouse with a restaurant, whose design has been preserved for a century, but also the name of the club itself – Mariánské Lázně Royal Golf Club – prove that the British royal family is partial to this course. Right to use the “royal” title in the name of the club, which many renowned world courses cannot be proud of, was awarded to the club by British queen Elisabeth II. and her son, prince Edward, participated in the celebration of the centenary anniversary of the golf club.

What to say about the course itself? It is beautiful. Particular holes are straggled around the clubhouse, some of them are situated on the flat, some of them go down and up the terrain among woods or in open meadows. It is demanding which is proved by its handicap for all golfers, no matter from which of its four tees they play. There is a holm green on hole Nr. 2 to which you play from a gentle slope, the third hole goes up towards the slope. On hole Nr. 6 you play over the access road, Nr. 7 is played over a valley, whereas there is a stream flowing and green is integrated into the wood edge on the slope. On the twelfth hole there is green sloping in the opposite direction of play, hole Nr. 16 must be played through trees over the valley again. The remaining two holes lead back on a flat path in a parallel way with Nr. 1 back to the clubhouse.

Besides this top-quality golf course there are also a driving range and academy available for golfers and smaller putting green near the starter’s house. There is an entrance to a nine-hole chip&putt course behind hole Nr. 5. The whole area is full of green vegetation, many high-grown trees line the hole paths.

Everybody who comes here once and plays in this course likes to come back. This is an invitation for you, too.