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Golf course Cihelny

Established 2001

Cihelny 7
364 64 Karlovy Vary

Phone: +420 353 972 281
Fax: +420 353 972 282
Email: [email protected]

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The Cihelny course is connected with the name of the Black Knight. We will help the ones who do not know this nickname – it is Gary Player. This South-African, once one of the best three world golfers (the others were Americans – Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer) whose competitions were thrillingly watched, branded in the creation of the Czech courses with his designing studio. Although all people expected his arrival when the course was opening, their wish was not answered – unfortunately. It is a really magnificent course.

On first holes you can see greens from the tees, so there is no excuse. Hole Nr. 5 is attractive, it has its teeing ground above a rock which ends almost on green but there is a path behind it. Some golfers say that this hole can be played easily if you use putter and send your ball to the left along the rock – it bounces to green. In other holes there will be water hazards but the real fun is still in front of you. Mainly after you pass through the access road along the railway station to the second nine. It is called the “water world” among golfers and it is not exaggerated. Most golfers take more balls with them just to be sure. There is also one strategic hole – Nr. 15. Golfers have two options here how to get to green. The ones without nerves send drive to a peninsula through trees from which they get it to the hole with another hit. The weaker ones preferably go round with one or two more hits along the “left way” using sufficiently wide fairway. Who will be more successful when taking ball from the hole? We will see. Moreover, this course, which is also a domicile of the Cihelna Astoria GC, has one of the best training areas including the Honey Course where you can practice short play.

The course which is in the river Teplá valley near Karlovy Vary towards Mariánské Lázně is worth playing. And if you are not successful, you can enjoy the surrounding nature.

Opening hours:

Monday: ano
Tuesday: ano
Wednesday: ano
Thursday: ano
Friday: ano
Saturday: ano
Sunday: ano