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Golf course Lipno

Established 2002

382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou 35

Phone: +420 380 736 260
Fax: +420 380 736 260
Email: [email protected]

holes length

When first nine holes were standardised in 2002, you could reach unbelievable par 76 due to three holes with standard of 5. But nowadays, after eighteen holes have been standardised, the course has “only” par 73. It is due to the difference in “classical” course with six holes which have par 5 and only five holes with par 3.

Nevertheless, the course has everything what it should have. There is nothing to discuss. It is spread above the Lake Lipno bank and it is the lowest situated course in the Czech Republic. It is a hilly course with many water hazards. This part is named as a club course. In 2004 other nine holes were added to it with the statute of a public course. It is an interesting combination of rights for both the golf club members and the ones who come to Lipno to relax. Besides usual sports as yachting and other summer sports there was created another attraction in this part of the country. When looking from the course you will be attracted by white sails of yachts sailing on our sea.

The most difficult hole is Nr. 4 with par 5 and length of almost 500 metres. And also the ninth hole has over 470 metres. In the second nine the second most difficult hole Nr. 14 is not the longest one but its rating clearly shows that it is the second most difficult hole.

Most holes have lines of trees between their paths and due to changing configuration of the terrain also various super elevations. Golfers with handicap 18 must play within the standard; golfers exceeding this limit are slightly advantaged.

The course is mainly natural, its greens are in a very good condition, paths are a bit bumpy but everything is being subsequently finished according to conventions.

With respect to the options which are offered by the lake and the near Austrian border this course will certainly prosper. The Lipno GC and not only its members can use also a driving range and other background which is available here for everybody.

Opening hours:

Monday: ano
Tuesday: ano
Wednesday: ano
Thursday: ano
Friday: ano
Saturday: ano
Sunday: ano