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Golf course Brno – Kaskáda Wooden Course

Established 2006

Golfový areál Kaskáda
664 34 Kuřim 1772

Phone: +420 541 511 711
Mobile: +420 541 550 483
Fax: +420 541 511 712
Email: [email protected]

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The golf area called Kaskády near Kuřim is located only nine kilometres from Brno limits and subsequently creates conditions for a twenty-seven-hole course consisting of three combinable nine-hole circuits with all necessary background, including a hotel.

The course does not teem with high green vegetation but is well-arranged and thanks to its suitable layout and situation of holes the golfers need not hit balls blindly. There are more water hazards involved in play which complicate life of all golfers on some holes. Moreover, it is longer – 3,050 metres from yellow tees and 2,637 metres from red tees. Playing from more distant tees offers more than 3,200 metres.

First nine holes were opened and named Wooden Course. Although this part is situated on a hill slope, you move on holes which are almost a level line and later, when you go back, you play down the hill.

Each hole has five tees according to the parameters for international tournaments. Golden champions blocks are most distant from the holes, then there are men?s white and yellow stones and two for women – blue and red stones. The first hole leads around the driving range, the other four holes are on a slope. The teeing ground of the fifth hole is the highest point of this course. The sixth hole will lead you to a part of the course near a stream where the first water hazard in front of green appears on the seventh hole. The eight hole could be easily called “water” because there are a few water hazards on tee on both sides of the path. Then there is a dogleg and a bunker and quite a lot water hazards on the left. Hole Nr. 9 has a stream and its access to green is narrowed by two surrounding water hazards.

The golf course in Jinačovice is used by the golfers of the Brno GC.

Opening hours:

Monday: 7-22
Tuesday: 7-22
Wednesday: 7-22
Thursday: 7-22
Friday: 7-22
Saturday: 7-22
Sunday: 7-22