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Golf course Brno – Kaskáda Iron-course

Established 2007

Golfový areál Kaskáda
664 34 Kuřim 1772

Phone: +420 541 511 711
Fax: +420 541 511 712
Email: [email protected]

holes length

The Kaskády golf centre, not far from Kuřim and only 9 km from the city limits of Brno, is gradually developing the conditions for a 27-hole golf course, consisting of three 9-hole links complete with all the necessary facilities, including a hotel.

The course does not abound with much green, but thanks to a fine layout and the placement of holes, the golfer needn’t tee off blindly. More water hazards have been added to the game, making life at several of the holes significantly more complicated for every golfer.

The last nine-hole links opened up here is the same as the first two, Dřevěný and Kamenný, and accessible from the clubhouse located in the middle of the centre. This links also has a driving range for five ready to go. The first thing you notice on the right side of the course are the longer holes of the second nine and a ravine with a brook and pond in it. A water hazard already crops up at the second hole and players find themselves on the other bank having to play up a slope. It’s going up and down alternately from there for the next four holes, with the seventh hole surrounded by water, and the eighth and ninth holes following contour lines in the direction of the clubhouse. The golf course starts with the longest hole, albeit a medium to difficult one, par 5, with a length of 473 or 434 m. The one immediately following it is considered the most difficult, even though it’s a par 4. Also the seventh hole, a par 3 with a length of 151 or 127 meters, puts many a wrinkle on the forehead of golfers, not to mention making their knees shake somewhat.

The course is difficult and has added extra swings to virtually every golfer. And of course, it’s not free. Just the opposite. The course puts the ability of every player to the test.

The course is home to golfers from GC Brno.

Opening hours:

Monday: 7-22
Tuesday: 7-22
Wednesday: 7-22
Thursday: 7-22
Friday: 7-22
Saturday: 7-22
Sunday: 7-22