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Founded 2002

512 46 Harrachov 455

Phone: +420 728 638 474

In some courses there are ski runners in winter months but in this course you can see downhillers. This is a brief description of a mountain course created in the Harrachov winter resort where the Harrachov GC resides.

Particular paths of holes are built in little glades and meadows among wood trees on slopes of mountains. The course is one of the shortest courses in the Czech Republic but with respect to the board where you can find out its handicap you will find out that it is not so easy. It can decrease your hits by one or two which could seem nice with respect to the length. But the contrary is the case.

As there are common tees and the shortest hole is 101 metres long, whereas the longest one is 242 metres long, there must be a falsity. Yes, it is, and identical for all golfers. Smaller greens and paths of holes, where you cannot foresee where the ball will bounce or roll away, make golf a funny game. And when you surpass the superelevation of tens of metres the course will not seem to be so easy anymore.

This is also golf and we can say that this course is very unusual but what is unusual in fact? Even golf itself is unusual, isn't it?

Courses in this resort:

Harrachov (9 holes, par 60M/60F)

Other golf possiblities in this resort:

Harrachov (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 50°46'39.94"N; 15°24'12.85"E


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How others played at courses in this resort?

Date Name Holes Score SF HCP N.HCP Tour. Public Comment
9/3/2014 Edlman Jan 18 103 27 28.7 28.9 No Yes No
7/11/2010 Novotný Jan 9/18 54 15 37.0 No Yes No
7/16/2009 Mrázek Štěpán 18 82 67 54.0 29.5 No Yes No


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