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Founded 1932

Na Vyhlídce
592 02 Svratka

Phone: +420 566 662 322
Mobile: +420 728 771 303

The originally open course in a hilly terrain had only small bushes between paths and there were no trees. Hotel Mánes served mainly the ones who desired for fresh air. Nevertheless, in the course of time trees have grown up along the holes and nowadays the course is virtually in wood. A clubroom, which was built in the beginning as a wooden cottage, used to serve for many years.

The course is not very long and is easier. Nevertheless, it has a few specific elements which make it very interesting. First, it is its history which is evident from the situation of the holes. Then it is a double green where the holes itself are situated ? they are Nr. 2 and 4. And also almost identical tees of holes Nr. 3 and 5. Interesting hole is also Nr. 8 which leads up the hill.

The area, which is here now, offers, besides usual elements as a driving range, also a training area with artificial lighting. Also an extended clubhouse with refreshment provides services and there is background for golfers, including a smaller golf shop. Nowadays the Svratka 1932 Golf Club, whose era reminds the date when the club was established, operates here and it was originally named Brno 1932 Golf Club but in 2005 it was changed to the present name.

When mentioning the club history it is necessary to remember Mr. A. Chocholáč, a designer, who was at the birth of this course in the places where nobody had heard about golf before. Although the course was forgotten after World War II., it was brought back to life thanks to a common effort of many enthusiasts.

Courses in this resort:

Svratka (9 holes, par 66M/66F)

Other golf possiblities in this resort:

Svratka (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°42'43.57"N; 16°02'08.42"E


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  Registration fee Annual fee
Individual Eur 387.37
Discounted Eur 251.79

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How others played at courses in this resort?

Date Name Holes Score SF HCP N.HCP Tour. Public Comment
6/25/2017 Kolarik Petr 18 101 28 22.7 22.8 No Yes No
11/26/2016 Hulák Jiří 18 105 29 24.1 24.2 No Yes No
11/26/2016 Hulák Jiří 18 105 29 24.1 24.2 No Yes No
8/15/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 99 30 22.3 22.4 Yes Yes No
6/20/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 9 54 15 21.9 22.0 Yes Yes No
8/24/2015 Wiesner Květoslav 18 100 34 27.5 27.5 Yes Yes No
8/23/2015 Král Martin 18 149 25 54.0 54.0 No Yes No
4/24/2015 Hulák Jiří 18 121 17 27.2 27.4 No Yes No
9/19/2014 Hulák Jiří 9 53 17 31.0 31.0 No Yes No
9/19/2014 Stanek Michal 18 84 38 17.0 16.4 Yes Yes Yes


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