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Founded 2005

Tatranská 754
059 52 Velká Lomnica

Phone: +421 524 661 806
Fax: +421 524 661 112

Golf resort Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica on the sunny part of High Tatras is the largest golf course in Slovakia, with training grounds, professional PGA trainers, rental, golf school and a shop. In the centre of the course is the International **** hotel.

The history of the Black Stork golf course (Černý čáp in Czech, Čierný bocian in Slovak) is dated back to 1999 when the local driving range with a temporary clubhouse were inaugurated. Six years later golfers started to play on nine holes and other nine holes were added to them a year later, since September 2007 a new nine holes were opened to the public.

Apart form 27 holes golf course a public course with nine holes is present, which has par 3, and, moreover there are putting green, indoor tees in a training meadow and a golf simulator and putting green in near hotel International for the off-season period.

The course itself has parameters which satisfy all golfers. There are 4-5 tees on each hole for men, women can play from two teeing grounds. Its par is 72 with a classical set of holes of par 3, 4 and 5. Today 3 combinations can be played – Village Course (length 5.805 meters from yellow tees, 4.909 meters from red tees), Panorama Course (length 5.539 meters from yellow tees, 4.638 meters from red tees), International Course (length 5.650 meters from yellow tees, 4.769 from red tees).

The rating of the course shows that it is not very easy course. First four holes prove it, there are water hazards straggled and biting in the paths. Nevertheless, even the other holes are not depleted. The longest hole is Nr. 10, par 5, 485, or more precisely 417 metres long and, on the other hand, the shortest hole is Nr. 17, par 3, which is 128, or more precisely 98 metres long. The most difficult hole is Nr. 5 at Village Course and Nr. 12 at Panorama Course.

Regardless of the troubles waiting for golfers on this course, it is worthy to visit such a scenery and - play golf. This course is domicil of Lomnicky GK.

Courses in this resort:

Velká Lomnica (18 holes, par 72M/72F)

Other golf possiblities in this resort:

Velká Lomnica (driving range outdoor)

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How others played at courses in this resort?

Date Name Holes Score SF HCP N.HCP Tour. Public Comment
7/24/2015 Mederly Peter 9/18 47 22 26.5 No Yes Yes
7/23/2015 Mederly Peter 18 102 38 26.5 25.6 No Yes Yes
4/30/2014 Mederly Peter 18 111 31 28.4 28.4 No Yes Yes
8/24/2013 Ignáth Stefan 18 99 44 29.2 25.4 No Yes No
7/23/2013 Mederly Peter 18 108 35 30.7 30.7 No Yes Yes
6/19/2012 Mederly Peter 18 120 33 35.2 35.2 No Yes Yes
6/18/2012 Mederly Peter 9/18 56 18 35.2 No Yes Yes
8/11/2011 Nykodým Aleš 18 96 36 22.5 22.5 No Yes No
7/12/2011 Kubečka Martin 18 99 44 29.2 25.4 No Yes No
7/11/2011 Kubečka Martin 18 130 24 29.2 29.4 No Yes Yes


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