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Founded 2004

Mnich 811
378 33 Nová Bystřice

Phone: +420 384 386 986
Mobile: +420 602 130 905
Fax: +420 384 386 047

The course has par 73 and is about six kilometres long. It is designed with five tees and it was integrated among woods and lines of full-grown trees, so it looks as if it has been here ever since. Nevertheless, there are many places like this in the surrounding virgin country.

Particular holes are separated from each other, in most cases by full-grown trees which create natural corridors for playing. The course has also a few malicious spots, e.g. there are two separating bunkers on holes 2, 3 and 8. A left dogleg of hole Nr. 5 is quite interesting where green is surrounded by trees on three sides. Or hole Nr. 13 where a right dogleg is situated in the last part of the path. The course has a classical layout, holes Nr. 1 and 10 start near the clubhouse where the ninth and last holes end. There are two longest holes in the course - Nr. 4 and 13 - whereas Nr. 13 has handicap 1 and par 5 and from different tees they compete for the longest span. There is a new clubhouse for golfers' comfort which has replaced an old bus which was an attraction of the old course. The driving range and training greens serve for both courses.

The Mnich course is, besides amazing sceneries around holes, typical for its big stones which are an integral part of the course as bank reinforcement, a bridge or a stone heap. In this country there are many boulders and thanks to this fact they are used as a decorative element. A great advantage of this course is also the fact that there is the Haugschlag course with two eighteen-hole circuits behind the border in Austria, so a trip to these parts definitely pays due to the diversity and options.

This is a domicile of the Mnich Golf Club.

Courses in this resort:

Mnich (18 holes, par 73M/73F)
Nová Bystřice (9 holes, par 62M/62F)

Other golf possiblities in this resort:

Mnich (driving range outdoor)

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GPS: 49°00'47.45"N; 15°05'29.75"E


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  Registration fee Annual fee
Individual Eur 968.43 Eur 77.47
Discounted Eur 193.69
Family Eur 581.06 Eur 77.47

Proffesional trainers:

Name/phone price
Fraser Steve
+420 602 130 905
650 Kč/25 min

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How others played at courses in this resort?

Date Name Holes Score SF HCP N.HCP Tour. Public Comment
5/15/2018 Wiesner Květoslav 18 107 28 23.5 23.6 Yes Yes No
5/15/2018 Wiesner Květoslav 18 107 28 23.5 23.6 Yes Yes No
9/4/2017 Wiesner Květoslav 18 110 26 23.3 23.4 Yes Yes No
6/13/2017 Wiesner Květoslav 18 99 35 23.3 23.3 Yes Yes No
5/23/2017 Wiesner Květoslav 18 112 24 23.2 23.3 Yes Yes No
9/30/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 104 30 23.0 23.1 Yes Yes No
9/27/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 109 27 22.9 23.0 Yes Yes No
6/21/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 107 26 21.9 22.0 Yes Yes No
6/14/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 94 43 25.5 22.7 Yes Yes No
5/16/2016 Wiesner Květoslav 18 107 30 25.2 25.3 Yes Yes No


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